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Serving hot technologies the cool way.

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Hello, we are Icetek, a team of dedicated engineers specialising in software and cloud engineering. Our services include…

Serving hot technologies the cool way.

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Our team

We’re a group of seasoned engineers sharing a passion for software craftsmanship. Years of working together allowed us to form an agile and swift team, skilled in implementing new technologies at a rapid pace.

Cultural Alignment

Effective cooperation requires a mutual understanding of needs and expectations. We create healthy relationships through open and transparent communication. Prioritising sincerity is our way to maintain an efficient software development process.

Application Development

From utility libraries to CLI tools, from web services to Kubernetes operators. With our versatile experience spanning across various industries, we deliver fully-fledged solutions. Starting with a prototype, and ending with a top-notch complete product. All while making sure that the finished app is robust, maintainable, and tailored to your specific needs.

Cloud Consulting

Cloud computing space can become pretty daunting. The ecosystems are constantly evolving and the list of providers and services keeps growing. We can aid you along the way and help you take full advantage of the possibilities cloud platforms have on offer.

Team Augmentation

A tightly cooperating team is key to a successful project. We can help you further extend your team’s capabilities and achieve set goals. Our experts worked with teams at every scale, from agile startups to mature corporations. Besides our technical skills, we prioritise honesty. Our strength lies in fundamentals: open communication, knowledge sharing, and blameless culture.

Container And Cloud Transition

Transitioning to the world of containerised and cloud applications is no easy task. It not only requires a significant amount of work, but often a paradigm shift affecting the way your software is developed, built, and delivered. Our practical knowledge of migrating applications to containers and cloud can help smooth out the process and make the transition painless.

Application Monitoring
And Observability

Maintenance and making sure that the end users’ experience is top-notch are major parts of software development. We know very well how important it is to monitor applications. We can help you build a monitoring setup to keep you alerted about any potential issues or anomalies, and to help pinpoint their root causes.

Building CI/CD Pipelines

As developers, we realise how much software integration and delivery pipelines affect the productivity of a team. Our experience working with a plethora of projects lets us identify common pain points and good practices. This allows us to reliably improve the delivery process. Every team and product deserves a dependable and efficient CI/CD pipeline – and we’re here to do the part.

Choosing the right tools

Using cutting-edge technology doesn’t have to mean sacrificing software stability and maintainability. Having worked with startups and large companies, we've experienced a range of approaches while selecting tools. We know when to become early adopters of new technologies and when to choose the tried and tested ones.


Golang is a language that was used to build a significant part of today's cloud stack. It is also known for its ease of adoption, great performance, and unique concurrent model. We've got everything you need to automate Kubernetes operations by writing operators, from CLI tools to building low-latency, highly scalable REST APIs.

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Powerful, versatile, and easy to learn, but hard to master. Python rightfully earned its position as the most popular programming language in the world. It connects all sorts of software developers together. From hardware tinkerers, through web application developers to data scientists and machine learning engineers. Our experience allows us to help with backend and API services, command line apps and utility libraries, or tools for data scientists.

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Amazon Web Services

The world’s leading cloud platform AWS is the backbone of the internet. It allows the development, deployment, and maintenance of a variety of crucial workloads. We are experts in designing and building cloud-native applications from scratch, as well as fitting existing monoliths into the cloud environment. We can help you utilise Amazon’s services to provide an effective and stable environment for your applications.

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Google Cloud Platform

Being powered by Google and offering a robust platform makes GCP a strong contender in the cloud computing space. Our know-how focuses on deploying and managing an ecosystem of microservice applications in multiple Kubernetes clusters. We’re here to assist you with implementing and deploying your applications to Google Cloud, helping to get the most out of the platform’s offering.

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Kubernetes is becoming the go-to solution for container orchestration due to its growing popularity and the large ecosystem of services and tools built around it. With our experience in running systems at every scale, we can design, deploy, and maintain clusters that fit your needs. We have extensive expertise to migrate and rearchitect your existing applications to Kubernetes, or design a new one that can take the most out of its flexibility.

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PostgreSQL is one of the most mature open-source projects in active use. Renowned for its stability, it’s anything but outdated. It continually introduces new features and improvements with each new version. Over the last few years, we’ve worked with PostgreSQL databases in numerous projects with an extensive variety of setups. Hence, we will eagerly design or redesign your database schema, pinpoint choke points in your query plans, or improve the performance of your database.

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Since its inception in 2013 it has become a de-facto standard for os-level virtualisation. Allowing for packaging applications along with all their dependencies as neat, self-contained images, it has revolutionised the process of building and deploying applications.

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If it comes to managing environment-agnostic infrastructure as code, Terraform is the prime tool. With its simple, declarative language and modular approach, you can make your infrastructure run like a clockwork. We work with Terraform on a daily basis, managing an ever-growing infrastructure using various cloud providers. We have extensive experience migrating clients’ infrastructure to IaC, extending, and standardising their existing code.

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CircleCI is amongst the most popular cloud-based CI/CD tools for building and deploying applications. It provides versatile and future rich environment for everyday development work. CircleCIs extensive toolset includes various execution environments, VCS integrations, tools for testing, sharing, and debugging your pipelines. We will help you with creating a build pipeline for your applications - whether it’s Python, Golang, or JavaScript. Hence, your team may be sure their work is always of high quality.

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Grafana is an industry-standard tool for data visualisation and alerting. It has highly customisable dashboards. The alerting system assures teams and stakeholders that applications are running smoothly and gives a timely warning in case they stop. We can help you with creating and maintaining Grafana dashboards collecting data points from various data sources. This includes services provided by cloud platforms, data warehouses, and databases (relational and time-series based).

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